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Berry Bros & Rudd has announced that as of 31 March 2012 Cask Liquid Marketing will be taking over distribution of Pink Pigeon Rum and The King’s Ginger from Inspirit, a division of Global Brands.

Peter Davie, sales director at Berry Bros & Rudd Spirits said of the move: ‘We would like to thank the Inspirit Global Brands team for their support over the past two years. However, with a shift in focus for both parties, core brands for Global, which is streamlining to focus on a tighter portfolio to drive growth and scale, and super-premium positioning for Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits, we agreed the time was right to conclude our arrangements. We now look forward to a long term and successful partnership with Cask.’

The products join Cask’s ever-expanding spirit portfolio, which already includes Elements Eight rums, Gin Mare, KIGO Shochu, Merlet Brothers’ cognac and liqueurs, Tequila OCHO and Vestal Vodka.

Cask’s director, Stuart Ekins, commented of the partnership: ‘We are delighted to be working with Berry Bros & Rudd Spirits again and look forward to building the profile of these super-premium brands in the London on-trade and beyond. The King’s Ginger and Pink Pigeon fit perfectly into our top quality portfolio.’

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