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In the very first edition of Imbibe Alice Lascelles predicted that the pisco category was on the up. Now, after what is surely a record-busting number of false starts for pisco’s fortunes, London has just welcomed its first dedicated pisco bar, Ceviche.

It would be fair to mention that Ceviche is also an excellent Peruvian restaurant, but we’ll play to our strengths here and focus on the drinks. The owner, Martin Morales, has taken the bold step of excluding all other spirits from his drinks list and focusing entirely on his house-made macerados (pisco infusions), with flavours such as physalis and eucalyptus on offer. The beer list runs to Peruvian classic, Cusqueña, and there’s a well-priced wine list to boot.

There are ten cocktails on offer, ranging from the classic Pisco Sour, to the more adventurous Soho: combining chilli-infused pisco, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, lime, egg white and cracked black pepper. The setting is relaxed enough to call in, just for a drink, and to decide for yourself whether pisco has finally hit the big time.

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