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Last night saw the launch of Imbibe contributor Tom Sandham’s book World’s Best Cocktails (published by Jacqui Small Publishing, priced at £30 RRP) at Artesian at The Langham. Made beautiful by the photograph’s of another Imbibe favourite, Rob Lawson, (like our pretty new Daiquiri cover? That was Lawson) it’s glossy, encyclopaedic, and even without bias, an absolute belter.

Predominantly split into spirit categories, with pieces on the history of each, classic recipes, more modern interpretations and also profiles on the bars and bartenders from all over the globe that champion the spirit, it’s a great reference source and a really enjoyable read.

As a clearly very relieved Sandham gave his speech, he thanked his wife, parents, siblings, friends and ‘other other half’, Ben McFarland. He was also quick to remind those assembled that their two-man show The Thinking Drinker’s Guide to Alcohol will be returning to Soho Theatre from 8-10 November, and yes, tickets are still available…

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