Small wonders

Location: Japan

Raid the piggy bank and get your hands on one of a new set of single cask releases from the last remaining stocks of Japan’s smallest distillery, Karuizawa now available exclusively through Speciality Drinks.

Closed in 2000, this distillery’s catchphrase is ‘Stout Like A Soldier’, and their whiskies are duly broad-shouldered. Our favourite of the current batch is the 1983 cask no. 7576 (57.2% abv, £205), a magical whisky that envelops you in a deep fug of sleepy, sweet warehouses and dripping autumnal bonfires.

Meanwhile the ultra-aged 1960 (53.2% abv), limited to just 40 bottles, beefs things up with meaty but nuanced flavours of prune, soot and unexpectedly fragrant eucalyptus and wet white rose petals. Really gorgeous, hand-made packaging too – as you’d expect for the whopping £12,500 price tag.

Speciality Drinks, 020 8838 9444

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