Tennessee secrets

Location: North America, USA

If you’re looking for some insider info on what Jack Daniel’s might release in the UK in the future, you could do worse than look to its limited releases in the US…

When asked whether the Tennessee whiskey company would be releasing any flavoured products other than their honey variant, master distiller Jeff Arnett mentioned Tennessee Fire, a cinnamon-flavoured product that’s currently available in three states and will be rolling out across the US shortly, hinting that it might be coming to these shores at some point in the future too.

But it’s rye that seems to be the focus at the moment: ‘We’re working on grain bills,’ said Arnett. ‘We think there’s going to be a resurgence of rye whiskey and we’re laying down a considerable amount of it at the moment, but you won’t see it come out in any considerable volume until the fall of next year. We want to be a part of that, for sure.’

The company has already released limited stocks of rye in the US, in both ‘unaged’ and ‘rested’ forms.

We also asked Arnett whether Jack Daniel’s, which has its own cooperage, is suffering from the recent barrel shortage issues that have threatened to affect American whiskey. ‘The amount of wood on the lots is as low as it’s ever been,’ he said. ‘We’ve had a really wet logging season, but it’s a very temporary problem. It just means the wood has been more expensive. The wood is out there if you want to pay for it. We might be paying $50 more per barrel, but we can pass that cost on when we sell them as the global demand for our barrels is as big as it’s ever been. We can see an end to the wood supply problem in the next few months.’

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