PROMOTION: Funkin Innovation Champion 2017 cocktail competition launches

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For all you bartenders out there feeling a little fruity, we’ve got the cocktail contest for you.

Fruit purée brand Funkin has brought back its Innovation Champion competition for 2017, and, as it was launched at Imbibe Live on 3 and 4 July, bartenders looking to get involved had better get cracking to make up on lost time.

The Innovation Champion competition challenges entrants to demonstrate their passion for and understanding of cocktails by proposing an inventive on-trade concept, and of course, coming up with a great recipe for an original Funkin cocktail, making use of one of the award-winning range of purees.

‘The Funkin Innovation Champion competition allows you to think outside the box and challenges you to come up with an ingredient that will change the bartending industry. I’ve had an incredible experience as the winner, travelling and networking alongside Funkin’s development team,’ said Shea Campbell, last year’s winner.

The champion will get the chance to work hands-on with Funkin by joining the brand’s team for a year, contributing to exciting projects including product development on a part-time, freelance basis. If this prize, worth up to £6,000 isn’t enough, the winner will also receive a cool £500 cash.

‘We take pride in working closely with the bartending industry and Innovation Champion is a perfect example of one of the ways we do that. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so the winner will need to be insightful and creative, presenting a product that truly fills a gap in the cocktail world,’ said Funkin managing director Andrew King.

The most inventive ideas and sellable serves will be selected and their creators invited to London to compete in the final held at London Cocktail Week (LCW), with the cocktail that comes out on top to be served at Funkin’s LCW stand.

Innovation Champion hopefuls can enter via Imbibe’s website, or by contacting their Funkin sales rep.

Entry closes on 28 August – head to Funkin’s Facebook page if you want some inspiration.

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