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Venezuelan rum distiller Diplomático has unveiled its new-look range, replacing the Reserve Blanco and Reserva with two new variants.

Diplomático Planas is still made the same way as the original Reserve Blanco (aged for six years, charcoal filtered, 50/50 pot and column still) with one key difference – the abv has been upped from 40% to 47%.

img_9435-1‘Now it’s very much a premium sipping rum,’ said Speciality Brands’ Jon Lister at Bar Convent Berlin. It boasts a chewy texture, with great fruit character up front, some cappuccino flavours in the mid palate and a nutty, long finish.

Lister suggests mixing it as a rum Martini with Gancia Bianco, which he filters through milk powder, then adds 2.5ml of palo cortado sherry.

Diplomático Mantuano is taking the place of the Reserva, and production has changed a bit: the rum is still predominantly eight years old and 40% abv, but the new variant is comprised of 40/60 pot to column still, as opposed to the previous 50/50 split.

‘The changes have been brought in to give the rum more mixing capability, to move it away from the Reserva Exclusiva and to bring out the dry, tropical notes,’ explained Lister. ‘Rather than being the poor man’s Reserva Exclusiva, this has got a tiki element to it, but it’s still a moody sipping rum. It’s much more versatile.’

Mantuano boasts a distinct caramel flavour, with some hints of stone fruit and vanilla, and a long, drying finish that Lister has suggested is great for a Mary Pickford with six dashes of dry vermouth added to it.

The bottles of the two new expressions are similar in shape to the Reserva Exclusiva, bringing the three rums in line with each other.

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