Fantastical sparkly spirits from Firebox

Location: England

While there might be days when even a well-balanced Daiquiri might seem like a mythical creature, Firebox is upping the game when it comes to fantastical animals in the spirits realm.

The online retailer has already had a hit with Unicorn Tears, the gin liqueur with silver flakes. Now this has received a major upgrade. No longer glittery, it’s pearlescent. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Phoenix and Unicorn TearsFor those more cane-inclined, there’s a new addition to the mythical menagerie – Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum. Just as iridescent in its own way, it’s a Caribbean rum with ginger and molasses aromas, as well as deep orange and clove, leading to a palate filled with vanilla and toffee, along with lots more spice.

‘Like its fabled stablemate, Unicorn Tears Gin, the closely-guarded extraction method remains a well-kept secret for now,’ said Firebox MD Kristian Bromley.

At £39.99/50cl, they’re not cheap, but we’ve watched Unicorn Tears fly off of back bars in shot form, and the rum has enough novelty value to do the same. Provided they can keep harvesting all those tears…

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