London’s first white rum distillery brings local flavour to the category

Location: UK

London’s got enough gin distilleries to fill days of sweaty walking tours. Venues can easily stock their back bars with nothing but locally made versions of the juniper spirit. But when it comes to white rum, the city’s only got one that it can call its own.

Mile End-based Taxi Spirit Company lays claim to London’s first white rum distillery.

As the name suggests, founder Moses Odong splits his time between distilling and driving a black cab.

‘The idea for making rum started off from rejection,’ explained Odong. ‘A few years ago, I wanted a change in career and went to breweries for an internship, but none got back to me. I decided to do it myself, and that was the start of the journey.’

Odong then joined forces with Copper Rivet distiller Abhishek Banik to bring his idea to life. His first product, Cabby’s Rum, launched at the end of June.

Though quite new to the market, the rum has already made a name for itself, winning four awards at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), including the Rum & Cola Trophy.

‘The rum works well in classic serves, but my favourite way to drink it is neat,’ Odong told Imbibe. ‘It’s got a strong Jamaican rum aroma, but a different taste: treacle sweetness, coconut from our filtration process and vanilla from the barrels.’

The company has also released Cabby’s Gin, which snapped up two IWSC awards.

‘Our gin came about by accident. We were working on a spiced rum and Abhi suggested using juniper too,’ said Odong.

That spiced rum will be rolling out shortly – but for now, the main focus is white rum.

‘Lots of people ship in white rum from the Caribbean, but we are the only white rum distillery in London. It’s what sets us apart – it’s all locally sourced.’

41.2% abv, Cabby’s Rum, Taxi Spirit Company, RRP£29.50/50cl,

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