Matugga begins production at central Scotland’s first rum distillery

Location: Scotland

Matugga Distillers is starting production at central Scotland’s first rum distillery, which is based in Livingston.

The £100,000 distillery is equipped with a pair of 200l copper pot stills that have the capacity to produce 50,000l of artisanal rum in its first year.

Founded by Paul and Jacine Rutasikwa in 2015, Matugga produces a golden and a spiced rum using sugar-cane molasses from East Africa. Its spiced rum also incorporates a masala chai blend of black tea, ginger, cloves, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon.

‘Scotland has hundreds of years of distilling expertise and history,’ said Paul, Matugga’s master distiller. ‘This, combined with my African heritage, is what will inspire us to create new and exciting rums.’

The husband and wife duo, who started selling their rum in 2015, originally small-batch distilled in England. Their products are available from Masters of Malt and the The Whisky Exchange, and they exported 10,000 bottles to France and across the EU last year.

Matugga is looking to increase its output by 400% in the next 12 months and strengthen its foothold in both the on- and off-trade.

‘The signature smoky aspect of our rums isn’t dissimilar to lightly peated whiskies, making them the perfect sipping spirit or a quality addition to popular cocktails, like an Old Fashioned,’ Paul said.

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