Steampunk’s new spiced rum takes inspiration from gin market


Gin producer Steampunk is breaking into the rum market with the launch of Voodoo Spice Rum.

The new product is designed to appeal to people who don’t necessarily consider themselves rum drinkers, said Steampunk founder Charlie Gibbs.

‘Many rums at 40% abv can appear less than smooth, but our use of vanilla within the spirit offers a sweeter, more subtle taste without that alcoholic ‘burn’ usually associated with rum,’ he explained.

‘I think rum is starting to have its “gin” moment, so consumers will be open to trying different flavourings and complexities.’

In keeping with this comparison to gin, Steampunk recommends serving its spiced rum with tonic – namely, Lixir Tonic’s cinnamon and blood orange variety.

‘This particular tonic was such a compelling combination with the spices, heat and sweetness of Steampunk Voodoo that I really feel more people should put the old rule books of drinking serves on the fire,’ Gibbs commented.

Imbibe’s tasting of the spiced rum yielded whiffs of brown sugar sweetness with heavy notes of vanilla bean paste and tea-cake batter. The palate leads with almond and caramel, just a hint of subtle spice and maple syrup unfolding to a chilli heat.

Voodoo Spice joins Steampunk’s other products, including Prudence Rose Petal Gin and Florence Parma Violet Gin.

40% abv, RRP£25/70cl, Steampunk Spirits,

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