Star Serves: The Alchemyst’s Brew

Location: England

Welcome to the second edition of Star Serves by Imbibe, where we shine alight on some of the fantastic bartending talent in the UK and the drinks being created. In this issue we asked a range of brands to work with a bartender to develop a bespoke seasonal serve.

We hope that the drinks featured here will give you inspiration for your own cocktail list and help you to add a seasonal twist to your drinks offer.Whether you recreate some of the drinks on these pages or devise a seasonal serve of your own, we’d love to know what recipes you’reworking on. So share your ideas and pictures with us on Twitter @imbibeUK or on

Copperhead Gin


Marian Beke, The Gibson

The Alchemyst’s Brew cocktail follows the story of how Copperhead Gin is created, where it comes from and who makes it,’ explains Marian Beke of his exquisitely presented drink. ‘It’s made in Belgium, so we tried to use all the elements from the country, like chocolate, through the cocoa colddrip vermouth. It gives a nice bitter, almost coffee-like flavour.’ Beke used a gin sour as his inspiration for the drink.

‘Sour cocktails normally use egg whites, and what we’re using instead is a “beermalade” made with lager, porter, ale and pectin, which gives this nice texture and beer fl avour – tying back to Belgium again – and then the texture of the pectin is a substitute for the egg white. We’re using a little bit of mandarin and lemon for the element of sweet and sour; and the last element is hops and pumpkin oil, which gives nuttiness, hoppiness and extra bitterness, replacing the bitters you’d normally add to a Whiskey Sour.

Copperhead has lovely botanical content. Some drinks get hiddenwhen you use thickeners like egg white or something like that, but here it still goes through.’


Glass: Ice-cream cone replica glass
Garnish: Chocolate rim with candied
fennel seeds; mini cone with
Cuberdon ice cream
Method: Shake and double strain.

50ml Copperhead Gin
20ml cocoa vermouth
15ml lemon juice
20ml mandarin juice
3 bsp beermalade*
6 dashes hops-infused black
pumpkin oil

*Beermalade: stout, lager and ale cooked with pectin and honey

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