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Being completely new to “blogging”, I thought a half decent subject matter for my first attempt might actually be an account of my last week in work….

Well at this moment in time, the thing preoccupying most of my thoughts is the upcoming Connoisseurs Club Workshop that is being held here at the Merchant Hotel Cocktail Bar on Wednesday 3rd February. Sponsored by Cazadores Tequila, it is entitled: “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” and will feature none other Julio Bermejo, Tomas Estes and Henry Besant. It has to be said that it has taken me almost two years to pull this one off and an awful lot of hard work has gone into making it happen.   So throughout the last week I have been busy collaborating with graphic designers on all the artwork for the fliers and posters for the event; I’ve then had to get all that information uploaded onto our new Connoisseurs Club website; I’ve been closely liaising with Steffen Oghene, the Cazadores UK Brand Ambassador about the format for the evening and have had to get particular flowers, candles, pos material and such-likes arranged for the evening; I’ve had to organise a top local deejay, get the deejay a sample playlist, arrange a sound technician, oversee the speakers transportation, and put together specialty one-off Tequila cocktail lists for the evening. I’m now in the process of inviting all the guests and local press to attend – and this is the part that always gets my adrenaline going.   But I’m not complaining, trust me. For the Connoisseurs Club is everything to me; it’s the biggest achievement of my professional bartending career. I totally love this pressure, pain and joy that it brings and without this feeling I believe my life would seem quite empty.

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With seventeen years’ worth of global bar experience to his name, Sean Muldoon has established a reputation for himself back home as Ireland's pre-eminent cocktail authority. He came to Belfast’s The Merchant Hotel in February 2006 as Bars & Potations Manager and has been building up the bar to world-class standards since. Of himself Sean says that he thrives on a challenge and success, and when it comes to the running of a bar he believes in the need for great team rapport above all else.

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