Camarena’s Tequila Villa Lobos

Location: Mexico, South America
Other: People

Villa Lobos is a new tequila from master distiller Carlos Camarena, the man behind products such as Tapatio, El Tesoro de Don Felipe, and Ocho. The range is expected to launch later in the year.

Prior to oak ageing, the tequilas in the Villa Lobos range are rested in open steel tanks for at least six months. According to Camarena, the discovery of the positive effects of this oxidation was a chance discovery.

‘At the time, I had more agave than I could use or process, so I produced more and stored it in tanks. I tasted it after a year, and it was more feminine and silky. The natural oxidation had changed it. I realised that I couldn’t sell it as Tesoro or Tapatio. It’s a different product,’ he said.

The tequilas do indeed have a feminine quality, reflected in the light, perfumed nose of the blanco, for example, which nevertheless manages to retain a distinctive agave character. The palate is soft and warming, but peppery too.

This was Camarena’s first visit to the UK in about five years. ‘London is the world’s capital of cocktails,’ he said, adding, ‘What people drink in the UK makes it to the international market. They copy it in the US, in continental Europe… everywhere. The bartending community here is small, but it communicates so well.’

The Villa Lobos range will be within Bibendum’s spirits portfolio once it is launched in the UK.

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