Higher and higher for Pacifico

Location: Mexico, South America

Olmeca Altos became one of Cafe Pacifico’s featured tequilas at the start of the month.

The agreement, which extends to Cafe Pacifico and La Perla, in both the UK and Paris, includes the use of the tequila on the cocktail list, branding on menus and staff shirts, and a planned Altos mural in Cafe Pacifico in London’s Covent Garden.

Talking about the deal, Cafe Pacifico founder Tomas Estes commented: ‘I want my venues to be showplaces for the whole category of tequila. I’ve had that philosophy since I opened. I don’t want the biggest tequila list – I want my staff to know the brands we sell.’

Referring to Ocho, the tequila he created with the Camarena family, Estes added: ‘My tequila will be the house pour, and the second featured tequila will be Altos.’ He confirmed that he initiated the deal with Altos brand owner Pernod Ricard, saying, ‘I approached them because of the people involved. They have a lot of money, and they spend it on good things.’

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