Just add agave

Location: Mexico, South America

A new addition to the tequila category, Ocho’s new Curado is created by infusing slow-cooked agave fibres in 100% agave tequila.

Ocho tequila founder (as well as the founder of Café Pacifico and the tequila ambassador to Europe) Tomas Estes traces the idea to create this product to a visit he paid in London to Russian restaurant Nikita in 1978.

‘They were serving lemon and chilli flavoured vodkas, and from this idea I started experimenting with flavored tequilas,’ he says. For a while, Café Pacifico Amsterdam sold flavours such as cinnamon, vanilla and chilli.

The term curado is usually applied to pulque – the fermented agave drink – when it is flavoured with something else.

‘We played with various combinations of amounts of tequila to cooked agave to time of curing, and have come up with one that we’re happy to share,’ says Estes.

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