Scotch whisky cask tequila launched

Location: Scotland

For the latest in tequila, look no further than, er, Scotland. UWA Tequila, Scotland’s first premium tequila company, has unveiled the first two of three tequilas.

As part of its launch, Aberdeen-based UWA has released a reposado tequila exclusively aged, for seven months, in Speyside whisky casks, the first of its kind. To achieve this, the company sends Speyside whisky casks to a distillery in Tequila, Mexico. The tequilas are aged and bottled there.

Joining the reposado is a blanco, with an añejo – aged for 14 months – joining the range in spring next year. All three are small batch, 100% Blue Weber agave tequilas, bottled at 40% abv. There are plans to expand the range soon too, with cask strength reposado and añejo, at 53% abv, in the works.

‘We make the tequila in the same way as anyone else does, but the fact we started out with an industry first using single malt scotch whisky casks really does make our tequila stand out,’ said Ross Davidson, UWA Tequila co-founder and COO.

‘Scotland has some of the finest food, drink, and tourism that the world has to offer, but tequila really hasn’t been a spirit that’s been focused on, partly because of the perception it’s had of being a cheap shot chased with salt and lime,’ added Michael Ballantyne, the company’s co-founder. ‘We are here to change that perception.’

The blanco and reposado became available for pre-order this week, with RRPs from £55 per bottle. UK distribution is with Gordon & MacPhail and Bootstrap Liquor.

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