Bacardi resurrects Grey Goose La Vanille to meet demand for flavoured vodkas

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Though it slipped from shelves and bars 15 years ago, Grey Goose La Vanille is back – Bacardi has announced that it is relaunching the vanilla-flavoured vodka at London Cocktail Week.

The company cites demand from bartenders and growing consumer interest in flavoured vodkas as the reason for giving La Vanille this new lease on life.

The expression is made with the same base spirit as Grey Goose’s flagship product, but also features the addition of Madagascan vanilla. According to the brand, this produces caramel and toffee notes in the liquid.

‘We’re excited that [La Vanille] will once again be back on shelves and behind bars for a limited time and look forward to giving the bartending community a chance to get creative and resurrect bygone recipes,’ said Grey Goose global ambassador Joe McCanta.

The brand is pushing La Vanille in Espresso Martini serves – Grey Goose parent company Bacardi even plans to use the vodka in Disco Noir, its kegged Espresso Martini on-trade campaign, later this year.

£40/70cl, Bacardi, 

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