Akvinta gives vodka an experimental new form


Who said vodka was boring? Akvinta has come up with some seriously experimental recipes for Hush in west London.

Strangest of all is a drink topped with Akvinta ‘noodles’.

Let the experts explain: ‘There are two powders. One is sodium alginate, and the other is calcium chloride (these are available to buy from www.infusions4chefs.co.uk).
Akvinta vodka is mixed with sodium alginate which is stirred till dissolved. This is put into a syringe.
In another boston glass, calcium chloride is dissolved in water. The noodles are made by pumping the Akvinta/sodium alginate mixture in a slow but steady stream into the calcium chloride and water mixture.
As it hits, there is a chemical reaction which forms a ‘skin’ around the stream of liquid, leaving just the noodles. They’re served as a garnish on a Mayfair Cosmo, featuring Cointreau shaken with lime juice and topped with a cranberry juice foam.’

Other options include a deconstructed Gimlet, made with chilled Akvinta topped with a lime-spiked Gimlet foam.

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