Lab coats and cocktails


London’s Floripa was transformed into a mad scientist’s lab yesterday for the final of the lab-experiment-themed UK final of the 42Below Cocktail World Cup.

Seven teams from around the UK competed to win a trip to New Zealand for the global final. A mystery round kicked off proceedings, with each team drawing a different ingredient – including soya milk, wasabi and Guinness.

Each team then gave a presentation about their activity in the past weeks, including parties, workshops, social media activity and drinks promotions in their bars. This would form the basis of the judges’ selection of a wildcard team – a second team that will also compete in New Zealand.

For the final round, bartenders pulled out all the stops in creating their 42Below signature cocktails, with seven minutes (420 seconds) to present their drink. Presentations were extreme and elaborate, employing molecular techniques, set designs, and some hilarious performances.

Team East London – The Eastie Boys – took top spot with a graffiti-inspired presentation that culminated in a lot of silly string, and resulted in a feijoa-flavoured 42Below drink served in spray-painted cocktail glasses. The team, dressed in graffiti-tagged lab coats, consists of Terry Cashman, Alex Clark and Simon Toohey.

Team Scotland (Jamie McDonald, Danil Nevsky and Megan DeMeulenaere) will be joining Team East London as the wildcard team.

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