Wild Knight Vodka launches Nelson’s Gold

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Location: England

News from the world of English vodka, as the folks behind Norfolk’s Wild Knight Vodka have launched a new variety, Nelson’s Gold.

Nelsons-Gold-Bottle-HiResEmbracing more of the English spirit, Nelson’s Gold is made using the original Wild Knight and caramelised East Anglian sugar beet, with all ingredients being made from 100% locally-grown Norfolk ingredients.

Taking inspiration from the predecessor of Horatio Nelson’s beloved HMS Victory, which sank in 1700 with around £500m worth of gold coins, the vodka is golden in colour, with a coin-inspired label on the bottle.

‘In terms of the vodka category in general, we are starting to see growth away from the regular brands and into more premium varieties,’ said Tim Dunlop, Hammonds Knutsford sales manager.

‘Given the explosion in the production of gin, which by nature means that many of the distilleries can produce vodka simply, we are starting to see a wave of line-extensions from gin distillers into the vodka sector.’

‘It is a real shame that English vodka hasn’t up until now been given the press it deserves,’ added Paul Richardson, former assistant manager of Tuddenham Mill. ‘No-one really talks about it, but now we have Nelson’s Gold and Wild Knight, both from Norfolk, and both standout products.

‘Customers want to try something different, and that’s why the on-trade supports and welcomes quality such as Nelson’s Gold.’

The new variant is made by blending Wild Knight English vodka with caramel made from local sugar beet. The base spirit is single distilled from the finest Norfolk barley.

Hammonds of Knutsford, 01562 872 872

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