American whiskey market in UK to grow 26%

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US whiskey sales in the UK are tipped to grow a whopping 26% in the next five years, according to figures out today.

Vinexpo CEO Guillaume Deglise says American whiskey volumes will increase from just shy of 2m 9-litre cases to 2.41m by 2020.

‘If we look by category, you see that the market is still dominated by vodka, scotch whisky and liqueurs but there is a very substantial growth to be expected from three other categories: gin, rum and the US whiskey,’ he explains.

‘US whiskey is a big trend in the United Kingdom. A lot of consumption of flavoured bourbon will drive the growth of 26%, which is very impressive. There are a lot of trends with cocktails in the UK. Mixology is getting really, really important and this is driving a lot of consumption.’

Close behind US whiskey in the growth stakes is gin and genever, forecast to increase 23.8% to 4.57m by 2020. Rum is also predicted to grow 22.8% to 4.09m cases in the five-year period.

Category leader vodka will increase by 4% to 10.19m in the same time period and scotch, the second largest category, will experience 1.2% gains and be within touching distance of 6m cases. In third, liqueurs sales will jump by 1.7% to 4.68m as consumers turn from wine to spirits.

The Vinexpo/ IWSR Report, released today, covers trends and volumes from the on and off-trade across 45 countries from 2010 to 2020.

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