Dave Broom crowdfunds for whisky documentary The Amber Light

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One of the most celebrated spirit writers in the UK Dave Broom has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £40,000 to make a whisky documentary. Titled The Amber Light, the film will explore the lesser-known past and present of whisky in Scotland and the wildly creative spheres of art, music, literature and food that whirl around it.

Broom, in collaboration with magazine The Gannet and London-based video agency blueprint.tv, will journey across Scotland to gain a deeper understanding of his national drink. Along the way he plans to connect with Scottish personalities including crime writer Ian Rankin.

The team is planning to film over the course of the summer, with the final cut expected in January 2019.

‘There’ll be contradictory opinions — so we will be talking about whisky’s dark side, as well as whisky’s light side; talking about the completely forgotten role that women have always played in distillation and whisky-making as well, so we’ll be trying to redress some of the balances and some of the misconceptions as well that I think have sprung up around whisky – it’s not all about tartan and shortbread,’ Broom said.

As of Thursday afternoon a total of £17,524 had been raised from 62 backers, with rewards promised from donations as little as £25.

‘We’ve already assembled an incredibly talented and dedicated team, both on screen and off,’ said Adam Park, co-founder of blueprint.tv and documentary director. ‘We have mitigated risk by meticulously crafting our plan and building an accurate scope of the work, covering everything from scouting and securing locations, interviewees, equipment rental and so on.’

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