Off the Cuffe bitters uses Irish new-make for its base

Drinks: Whisky
Location: UK

Ever mixed up an Irish whiskey Old Fashioned and got frustrated by the fact that your bitters don’t offer those Emerald Isle credentials? Well fret no more, because new bitters range Off the Cuffe has been created predominantly with the purpose of being used with Irish whiskey.

Created by Jarrod Cuffe and Barry Gargan, the duo used new make spirit from Dublin-based Teeling as the bitters base. They currently have two flavours, Aromatic and Citrus, but plan to eventually up the amount in the range to eight.

All the ingredients are organically sourced and Fair Trade, and the bitters don’t contain any E numbers. ‘We don’t believe in hiding behind labels,’ said Cuffe.

The Citrus bitters stay true to their name and boast bright lemon peel and pith, alongside a pleasing savoury tinge of bay leaf, while the Aromatic bitters are reminiscent of a hedgerow – filled with bramble fruit characters, plus clove and yet more bay leaf.

‘I find the Aromatic bitters work really well in an Old Fashioned, while the Citrus are great in a G&T. Although I constantly have them in water,’ Cuffe added.

The third flavour in the range is imminent, so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment in what promises to be an exciting addition to the bitters canon.

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