Scapa unveils first peated single malt, Glansa

Drinks: Whisky
Location: Scotland

Scapa GlansaPeat is still having its day in Scotland, as yet another distillery incorporates it into a new release. Rather than using peated malt, however, Scapa’s latest, Glansa, is finished in casks that previously held peated whisky.

This is the Orkney distillery’s first foray into peat, and its influence isn’t overwhelming. The nose is sweet and soft, with caramel and vanilla combining with tropical fruit notes, and just a suggestion of smokiness. The palate opens with subtle, balanced sweetness, and a touch more fruit, but the smoke soon joins in, and toasty, bonfire notes continue to the finish. Not necessarily one for hardcore peat heads, then.

‘The steadfast team behind it has worked hard to ensure each dram delivers the exciting juxtaposition of a gentle sweet taste on the palate, followed by a markedly smoky finish,’ said Scapa master distiller, Brian MacAulay. ‘We are proud to offer this as a gentle introduction to the world of peated whiskies.’

‘The Scapa range is inspired by the unexpected contrasts of the Orkney Isles, and this exceptional Glansa expression is intended to represent a celebration of the contrast between the distillery’s historic location and the stormy seas and huge skies that surround it,’ explained Pernod Ricard UK marketing manager Rick Bennett-Baggs.

Glansa follows Scapa’s previous release at the end of last year, Skiren.

40%, £45, Pernod Ricard UK, 020 8538 4484

See the latest issue of Imbibe (September-October 2016) for our round-up of all the latest peated releases from Scotland.

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