Barossa’s Wineries hail ‘fantastic’ year

Drinks: Wines
Location: Australia

A cooler, wetter year might sound like a recipe for disaster, but it’s music to the ears of some of Australia’s wineries . Despite a cold, wet spring and storms and gales around Christmas, growers in the Barossa are very happy with how 2017 is shaping up.

‘It’s a fantastic year,’ said Matt McCulloch, CEO of Langmeil in the Barossa. ‘Everyone has enough water, the sets fine and veraison hasn’t even started yet. We are getting a nice slow, even season – and with the extra water we are getting good volume as well.’

This is a relief for a region that has had four short vintages in succession from 2012 to 2015, losing the equivalent of one year’s crop over the period.

‘If we had a 70,000 tonne vintage [in the Barossa]we’d be delirious,’ said McCulloch. ‘The last few years have been in the 50,000s.’

‘Volumes are fine, and we haven’t had to spend a cent on water,’ added Chaffey Bros winemaker Daniel Chaffey. ‘And the vintage is likely to be three to four weeks late, so we won’t be picking in the worst of the heat.’

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