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I generally don’t have a set ‘work week’. I work my week based around business levels, tastings and studying. Two weeks ago was just one of the many examples of why I love what I do. The idea of consistent days off and working 9-5 seems nice, but I like the change and the excitement of each week bringing new lessons and experiences all to do with WINE.

Monday morning came along after a Sunday of studying and I was fortunate enough to get an invite to Home House for a lunch and tasting of Concho y Toro wines with a couple of my fellow D&D Head Sommeliers. The place is absolutely amazing, its as if you are in another world. We had an amazing three course lunch paired with wines and afterwards I was convinced to sneak out to the Roberson tasting which was a promising choice to make. The tasting featured Jacques Selosse and Chateau Musar, along with many of the other finer things offered by Roberson. A day well spent!

Tuesday morning I started out the day early at work and in the afternoon went to Champagne training for our new house Champagne ‘Devaux’. We were fortunate enough to try a number of wines from the range and it was good insight to the excellent work they are doing in the Cote de Bars. Wednesday morning took a similar path, in which I attended the Champagnes and Chateaux tasting followed by a Dourthe No. 1 Masterclass. It never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge you can wrap your head around, if your willing to spend the time! Off to work for the evening!

Thursday double shift.

Friday plays host to my weekly staff wine training. For this week we are focusing on English sparkling wine and had the opportunity to have our supplier from Nyetimber join us to taste and talk about the wines. It has been a sparkling kind of week!!!

Saturday was going to be spent in my neighbourhood at Pizarro on Bermondsey High Street. I absolutely love the food and atmosphere here. Boutinot was hosting a Spanish wine tasting and you cannot say no when Fernando de Castilla is involved. Any Saturday could be spent with a glass of their Antique Amontillado!

I would have to say that there are very few, if any other, lines of work that give you the opportunity to learn as much as being a Sommelier does. Of course, you work long hours and that’s all part of the deal, you have to!

Sunday is my study day and the time that I spend planning my next week-to start off with there will be a Ice wine dinner and a summer launch party… just another week in the life!

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