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Did you know it is English wine week? Well I obviously do, but i only found out by accident.

One of our regular suppliers sent me a flier with an offer they were doing. By pure chance there was an English wine on there and I thought it would work quite well with our current tasting menu so we bought a case. After all the price was pretty keen. Anyways whilst on the phone to him about something else we got to discussing the deal he was promoting and it emerged he was persauded to do the flier as part of a national wine month promotion. Now I hadnt heard of National Wine month and as he confessed to me, he thought perhaps he was being taken for a ride. So I did what most people do in this situation and turned to the interwebs. Not to snopes.com, usually the first port of call to dispell the latest garbage emails clogging up peoples inboxes (OMG!! Press this link and you can see what the person who last looked at your FacetwitterSpace profile had for lunch the day before they looked at your profile!!) You know the kind of rubbish. A quick search on google didnt make me any the wiser but it did pop up the little gem that this week is English Wine Week.

Now Im well aware that the English Wine Producers organisation has limited, if any funding. Im not expecting national television advertising, nor would i expect to read about it in the national press (not that i read the national press), but i certainly would have expected to have had something in the wine press – decanter, imbibe, wines and spirits, drinks business. But no, nothing, nada, zip, zilch. No invites to visit English Wineries (apart from Richard Balfours Hush Heath opening on the 13th!), not even an email to let me know it is English Wine Week so i could organise something myself. So I find myself a bit bemused by the whole thing. Maybe its the whole British stiff upper lip – we just quietly get on with and shy away from banging the drum about the vastly improved quality of our wines. I think that is wrong. We should be proud of what we are able to achieve now. I know we cant produce huge volumes of it yet, but give us a chance, one step at a time.

Maybe next year they will make more of an effort. I for one would love to get behind something and make more of an effort to promote our own produce. After all the kitchen is proud to serve locally grown and sourced produce, why cant i get the same pleasure from introducing people to English wines. They arent the joke they used to be.

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