Dom Pérignon rises to the challenge

Drinks: Sparkling, Wines
Location: Europe, France

The champagne house hosted five simultaneous international events yesterday in London, Hong Kong, Paris, New York and Tokyo to launch its new 2003 vintage.  

The various events were linked via satellite, using a hologram, no less, with Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy introducing the wine and addressing each audience in turn, hailing the vintage as a ‘Challenge to Creation’. 

Geoffroy talked about Dom Perignon’s commitment to vintage, and about both the risks and the rewards of the 2003, which had to survive both devastating springtime frosts and the hottest summer in 53 years – the harvest commenced on the earliest date since 1822. But those grapes harvested were perfectly mature and healthy, and comparable, we were told, to those of the legendary 1947, 1959 and 1976 harvests. 

Geoffroy was unequivocal in terms of his pride in the 2003 vintage: ‘Intensity is the signature and memory of the 2003 vintage. The intensity is unique and paradoxical, hovering between austerity and generosity.’

For us, truffled egg was a perfect complement to the creamy minerality and truffle notes in the Champagne, while the wine’s candied fruit bounced out of the glass when matched with a savoury risotto. 

Dom Pérignon 2003 will be available from February 2012.  

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