A fino affair

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This month marked González Byass UK’s launch of four classic fino sherries: Fino Una Palma, Fino Dos Palmas, Fino Tres Palmas and Cuatro Palmas. The Palmas name stems from the chalk marking a cellar-master leaves on those casks which have developed a particularly high level of flor on the surface of the wine: leading to particularly a particularly impressive nose and flavour.

The Una, Dos and Tres Palmas expressions are composed of sherries aged six, eight and ten years, respectively, whilst the Cuatro Palmas utilises an incredibly rare 40 year old wine and is technically classed as an Amontillado.

Martin Skelton, MD of González Byass UK, explained the decision to release the Palmas range: Following the success of our Tio Pepe En Rama, an unfiltered bottling of tio pepe, we thought it might be interesting to bottle some Palmas sherries. Effectively, each one is a more mature style of tio pepe. In each case we have selected only those fino casks that were found to be most delicate and elegant, normally due to the continued presence of flor.’

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