A very English vermouth

Location: England, Europe

If you’re a lover of Antica Formula (and if you’re not, why not!), then listen up – North London micro-distillery Sacred has just launched a fantastic new vermouth in a very similar vein, based on wine from the English winery Chapel Down.

Rich, bitter and complex, it features organic wormwood from Somerset, (a compelling mix of cosy cinnamon and chocolate notes, with aniseed, mint and fresh almost chlorine-y greenness), and thyme among the botanical mix.

‘I wanted it to emulate Antica Formula and Punt e Mes, but with more of the English herb garden about it,’ says Sacred’s Ian Hart.

Originally conceived after Hart cooked up and bottled some mulled wine flavoured with his own spice and orange distillates, it’s a smasher in a Negroni with Sacred’s own gin. Next on the agenda is an Old Tom, we are told…

18% abv £31.95/70cl. Sacred Spirits Company

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