Noval aims high for LBV

Drinks: Wines
Location: Europe, Portugal

Port and Douro wine producer Quinta do Noval has launched a new version of its unfiltered LBV Port, now sourced purely from its own estate high above the Douro.

Christian Seely, MD of parent company AXA Millésimes, chose the 2004 LBV as the first single estate, having revived the unfiltered LBV when he arrived at Noval in 1993.

‘I’ve always believed that LBV is capable of not just being a wine to buy and drink today,’ Seely said. ‘When it’s made right and treated right, it can age if you want it to.’

Finding stocks of the 1994 Noval LBV for a tasting of back years proved rather tricky, however. Noval has none left – but Seely managed to get his hands on a couple of bottles after striking a reputedly very hard bargain… with his mother.

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