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Drinks: Sparkling, Wines
Location: England, Europe
Other: Venues

London’s French-Peruvian champangne-et-plats restaurant Tirage has closed its doors less than a year after opening.

Co-founder Elio Machillanda told Imbibe that he has accepted an offer on the restaurant. ‘We were doing fine, and going in the right direction, but they wanted the location. They made me an offer on the restaurant, and I decided to take it,’ he said. ‘They’ll be taking over very soon, but won’t be doing French-Peruvian food – they’re putting in their cuisine.’

The identity of the new owner will apparently be revealed on Monday when the deal goes through. The restaurant will open under a new name, but Machillanda suggested that it probably won’t look very different, the interior being one of the reasons for the purchase.

Head sommelier Roberto della Pietra will be moving to Morton’s Club.

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