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Location: Europe, France

Vesper not pink enough? Lillet’s got an answer, with the launch of its rosé variant in the UK.

Joining Lillet Blanc and Rouge, it’s being positioned by distributor Marblehead Brand Development as a rosé aperitif, as well as for use in cocktails or served over ice. Starting out much like a dry rosé wine on the nose, with some floral notes, the palate opens with red berry sweetness, resolving into fresh lemon and grapefruit bitterness towards the finish.

It’s made from the same red and white Bordeaux varietals as the rest of the range – Muscatel, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon – along with fruit liqueurs and some Peruvian quinine. There’s a bit of Lillet Rouge in there too.

The newcomer to the range was launched in the US just under a year ago. It is, according to Maison Lillet, the company’s first new style in 50 years.

17% abv. £20 RRP.

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