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Drinks: Wines
Location: Europe, Portugal

Vinho Verde is aiming to build on its recent export success with a new €5m international promotional campaign targeting the UK, as well as the US, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland and Norway.

The launch of the campaign with a tasting of 15 of the region’s top producers in London during July follows a boom in exports of the wines, which have grown to a record €36m since 2000, rising by a further 10% in the first three months of 2011.

In the UK, exports have increased by 11% in the 2008-2010 period, but the new campaign aims to expand awareness beyond the area’s white wines to include its reds and rosés.

Developed by Brandia International for generic body the CVRVV, the campaign includes a new logo and media materials, a PR and advertising campaign, as well as a restyled website and Facebook page.

‘Vinho Verde also produces vivacious sparkling, powerful reds and delicate rosé wines,’ said the CVRVV.

‘However, while Vinho Verde whites are already well-known internationally and are present in some 80 export markets, the CVRVV’s current promotional aim is to increase this even further and establish the wines as potential agers in some cases, and as wines for all seasons.’

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