Totally new tawny

Drinks: Fortified, Port, Wines
Location: Europe, Portugal

Graham’s has reblended and relaunched its range of aged tawny ports, focusing on wines matured near the ocean to emphasise refined tannins, freshness and balance.

Graham’s owner Symington Family Estates said winemaker and blender Charles Symington had worked to develop further the ports’ secondary flavours, while avoiding excessive sweetness.

The company said: ‘Charles and his cousins have decided to use only wines matured in the Graham’s 1890 Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia and to exclude wines aged in the Douro.

‘This decision was taken after extensive blending trials over recent years. The 1890 Lodge is situated 3km from the Atlantic and enjoys naturally moderate annual temperatures compared to the intense summer heat in the Douro.

‘The Atlantic influence has a profound impact and particularly suits the style of Graham’s tawny Ports.’

The new range is now packaged in a distinctive white glass bottle designed to highlight the ports’ golden colour and, in what is claimed as a first for the industry, the 20 Years Old label bears the signature of Graham’s master cooper Emilio Correia, while the 30 Years Old bears that of cellar master António Monteiro.

The recommended serve is lightly chilled and in reasonably-sized wine glasses.

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