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The winter months might be more associated with sherry than any other time of the year, but that doesn’t mean it has to all be about the category’s sweeter or more oxidised styles. London sherry bar Sack’s new cocktail list makes full use of the spectrum that the wines of Jerez have to offer.

Sack’s winter sherry cocktail menu draws on everything from dry Fino to sweet and syrupy Pedro Ximénez, via Amontillado, and sometimes combining more than one style in a single drink. One example is its Hot Buttered Sherry, with both Fino and PX, as well as brandy butter, spices, sugar syrup and cider. Another pairing between these two styles appears in the Sherry Christmas Cobbler, with Fino and PX joining cranberry juice, pimento dram and lemon juice.

Amontillado makes its appearance in a Gingerbread Collins, with the sherry matched with gingerbread syrup, lemon and soda. But perhaps the most interesting use of sherry on the list is the combination of the rare Palo Cortado style with rye whiskey, resulting in the Olé Fashioned.

The new cocktail list arrived just in time for the fourth International Sherry Week, run by Vinos de Jerez, held last week, although that last Palo Cortado cocktail conveniently made its appearance during Old Fashioned Week too.

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