Sparkling success for Brazilian wine

Drinks: Wines
Location: South America

The UK’s taste for sparkling is being felt all the way in Brazil, as a stonking 130% value growth has been reported.

Newly-released Brazilian 2015-16 export figures reveal the UK is the number one destination for its sparkling offering.

‘Brazilian sparkling wines are competitively priced, and appear in a wide range of styles to suit the on-trade,’ Judy Kendrick, UK ambassador for Wines of Brazil told Imbibe. ‘Whether it’s a traditional method sparkling with a bit of age on it, or the lightest, brightest low-alcohol moscato and all styles in-between there’s something sparkling from Brazil to suit every occasion.’

The figures also show an increase of 87% for the combination of still and sparkling. Today, one-third of the total exports (in value) are sparkling wines. Welcome news as 40% of all wines made in the country are the sparkling kind.

‘Brazilian wines are still seeing strong growth in the on-trade, with two well established importers [Miolo and Casa Valduga wines],’ Kendrick said. Telling us that Brazil is currently their fastest growing category.

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