‘SWA medals make you money’ finds research

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Using Sommelier Wine Awards medals on your wine list can help you to sell better wines – and earn your business more money. Those are the findings of a month of on-trade research carried out by Majestic Commercial.

swa-2016-logo-soloThe merchant – which won Good Value Merchant of the Year at SWA in both 2013 and 2015 – recorded the wine sales of 14 venues around the country for a month. It then reprinted their lists, adding SWA medals next to winning wines, and recorded the sales again.

The results revealed an increase in the number of medal-winning wines sold, and an uplift in the average price of wines sold as a result.

‘The activity increased the percentage split of the ‘award-winning wines’, and as these tend to sit above wine level, the average bottle price increased,’ said the group’s commercial director, Ben Nicholl.

Average trade bottle price increased from £5.94 to £6.22. ‘When you mark up to achieve a 70% margin, this is a shift [in take]from £19.79 to £20.75, so the activity is generating increased turnover and profit for the venues,’ added Nicholl.

The use of logos on the list was at its most effective when allied to extra training for staff to help them understand the competition. Then, sales of SWA winners increased by almost 50%.

‘It just goes to show that even at the cheaper end, you can make £1 extra profit per bottle,’ said SWA competition director Chris Losh. ‘It’s a good reason for venues all over the country to use the logos on their lists, particularly if they don’t have a dedicated sommelier.’


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