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A quick Margarita

Danny Cook fastest Margarita world record

Bristol's first Cazadores Hunt earlier this month resulted in two new world records being set.

The new fastest man with a Margarita is Danny Cook from The Living Rooms in Bristol, travelling 50m in 12.1 seconds and retaining over two thirds of his drink. Alistair Reynolds from Hausbar in Bristol proved to be the fastest with a citrus press, squeezing five limes in 21.4 seconds.

Reynolds, along with fellow 'Hunter Hairdo' team members Justyn Bell (Hausbar, Bristol) and Jayne Forde (Mocka Lounge, Cardiff), took the grand prize on the day with their lime and chocolate Cazadores cocktail, entitled Dirty Caliente.

For highlights of previous events, visit the Cazadores Hunt YouTube page, where the Bristol video will also be available soon.

News item from, 27-07-2010

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