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bartender's breakfast

Expect more cocktail wizardry as the final heat in the UK Molecular Bartender Competition approaches. If the past three events, held in London, Brighton and Leeds, are anything to go by, contestants in Glasgow’s heat on 19 October will be making use of some cutting-edge, and outlandish, techniques.

At the first event, held on one of the evenings of the Imbibe 2010 show in June at Marvel in Chelsea, Joe Petch from Sahara bar in Reading cracked an egg on stage which turned out to contain a rum and mango ‘yolk’ and a coconut cream jelly ‘white’ – a Bartender’s Breakfast. The Groucho Club’s Quentin Berode countered with rum-infused Iberian ham and a black tea foam.

At Merkaba, one of Brighton’s finalists Michael Stringer (Above Audio) created an edible Bramble, while Maxwell Whitney (Independent) combined wine and chorizo, after which he created a gold bar of orange, nectarine and rum jelly.

Most recently, at Mojo’s Rhum Room in Leeds, Mark Austin (Napa Bar) entered an El Dorado ravioli oyster, while Dave West, also of Napa Bar, deconstructed his drink, Rhubarb Rhumbullion, into separate jelly and foam parts.

After the next heat in Scotland, the grand final is set for 1 February next year.

The UK Molecular Bartender Competition is organised by, in association with El Dorado.

News item from, 07-10-2010

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