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Three rums in Cask

elements 8 e8

Elements 8 is one of a number of brands teaming up with Cask Liquid Marketing, the new venture from Stuart Ekins and Richard Herbert, both formerly of Inspirit Brands.

The agreement, which starts today, gives Cask exclusive UK distribution rights for the range of three rums, after five years on their own. As co-founder Andrea Redlefsen puts it: 'We've spent five years building great and key relationships in the trade. We feel that the Cask guys can build on this.'

The partnership also gives Cask responsibility for sales and marketing for the brand. We're assured that prices won't increase as a result of the move, though. 'We've maintained the same price point since our launch, only increasing according to HMRC's excise duty increases. Cask also understands this,' says the other half of Elements 8, Carl Stephenson.

Other brands joining the brand new Cask family include Ocho Tequila, Merlet, Kigo Shochu and Vestal Vodka, with some quality beers soon to follow.

News item from, 01-06-2011

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