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New wine to fall at High Timber

High Timber

The team behind City restaurant High Timber has made use of its strong South African wine connections to persuade respected winemaker Ken Forrester to create an exclusive wine for them.

Following a successful harvest last year, Forrester and his colleague Martin Meinert decided to use a barrel to create the wine for the eatery after years of pestering by restaurateur Neleen Strauss.

The result is a sister wine to the renowned Forrester Meinert Chenin, or FMC, wine, called the FMC Molleux.

'To say I am delighted is an understatement,' says Strauss. 'FMC is one of our most popular wines and with the Moelleux made exclusively for us, it is the new jewel in our cellar.'

The result is expected to hit the restaurant – which boasts an extensive 40,000 bottle cellar – by mid-March.

News item from, 27-02-2012

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