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Screw-top fizz

Willowglen sparkling

It's like sparkling wine, but more conveninent. De Bortoli has launched what it claims is Australia's first sparkling wine with a screw-top closure.

The wine company has teamed up with Guala Closures to produce Viiva, a high-pressure screw-cap that is not only easy to open, but is resealable, retaining carbonation. This is particularly useful, according to the company, when it comes to by-the-glass sales of sparkling wine in the on-trade. The bottle's even been made taller so that it sits at the same height as other sparkling bottles.

De Bortoli is initially introducing the closure for its Willowglen Sparkling Brut NV, with stocks currently on the way to the UK.

News item from, 25-07-2012

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