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An Ace up Britain's sleeve

Ace vodka

With British patriotism at an all-time high following the success of the Olympics, now is the perfect time to market a product made in these fair isles.

And that’s exactly what entrepreneur James Whittington is doing with the release of Ace vodka, a 100% pure grain spirit, to the on-trade.

Distilled seven times, Ace is made entirely from British winter wheat that’s sourced from over 400 British farmers, ensuring that those who buy the spirit are supporting local farmers. The vodka will be hitting shelves in September.

News item from, 13-08-2012


Mark D. 21-08-2012

A new Vodka in town called Ace? How long has this been Going on? …(i wonder if anybody will get this)

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James W. 19-10-2012

Hi Mark – Ace Vodka's been in the making since 2004, it's a new British Premium Vodka brand, distilled and bottled in the UK with no inference to Russian, French or any other origins! A 100% pure grain spirit made exclusively from the finest British ingredients!

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