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DIY Bloody Mary at Flat Iron

When creating the cocktail list for steak pop-up Flat Iron in Shoreditch, London Cocktail Club's Nate Sorby put some of the hard work back into customers' hands with a do-it-yourself Bloody Mary.

It's presented beautifully, in a wooden box with all the makings – Chase Smoked Vodka, rosemary salt, black pepper, fresh horseradish and half a lemon, along with Mary staples Worcester Sauce and Tabasco. What sets the resultant drink apart though is a 'beef essence' - essentially a beef stock - that combines effortlessly with the smoked vodka and tomato juice, and aligns the drink even more perfectly to the flat iron steaks.

There's also a sharing Martinez served in a vintage-looking flask, poured out onto large chunks of ice, and a bracing Smoked Thyme Bramble.

News item from, 08-08-2012

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