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Great Taste at The Cadogan

Diners are being encouraged to change the way they think about beer at Great Taste at The Cadogan in London’s Knightsbridge, where head chef Oliver Lesnik has worked with food writer Charles Campion and beer writer Pete Brown to develop a menu which uses beers and ciders as ingredients, as well as food matches.

Black Sheep Ale, Meantime London Lager and Aspall Cyder are included on the menu at £18 for one course, £23 for two and £28 for three, until the end of September.

Lesnik told Imbibe: ‘The idea was to celebrate all sorts of weird and wonderful beers in ways that weren’t the obvious ones like pies with strong ales, but using them in a lighter way in foams, jellies and light sauces.’

News item from, 24-08-2012

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