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A turn to the autumnal

Adnams Topaz Gold

If the changing seasonal menus and cocktail lists in the on-trade are anything to go by, summer is well and truly behind us. Southwold brewer Adnams certainly thinks so, with the launch of three beers for the coming autumn and winter.

First in the list of specially-brewed, limited edition beers is Topaz Gold, a golden pale ale that incorporates Topaz hops from Tasmania. Next is an English Red Ale, made using Crystal malts and hops from England.

Finally, aimed at the colder, festive months, is scarlet ale Shingle Shells.

These three, all on draft, join the array of seasonal beers in Adnams' portfolio. Topaz Gold has already launched, and will be available until the end of October. The other two will follow in November, doing service until the end of the year.

News item from, 12-09-2012

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