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C.O.L.D comfort


In a basement bar just off London's former journo haunt of Fleet Street there's a new temple to gin, the centrepiece of which is a rather striking still setup.

Former Chase distiller Jamie Baxter is in charge of the heavy machinery at what is the City of London's first distillery in 200 years. He's created the very fine, quite traditional, City of London Dry Gin using just seven botanicals (the wackiest of which is pink grapefruit). It is, as you might imagine, a citrus-led gin, with an early hit of juniper on the palate, and quite a rich mouthfeel.

It's the house pour at the bar, but sits alongside about 130 other gins, as well as a dozen or so tonics. There’s also a choice of three vintage Martinis, created with various gins from the 1960s, at £19.50 a pop.

40% abv. £32.50. City of London Distillery, 020 7936 3636

News item from, 01-03-2013

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