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Oxo spritz

If two years ago you'd asked the average consumer if they fancied an Aperol Spritz, odds are you'd have received a look of bemusement for your troubles.

Now though, it's a different story, as billboards and local pubs up and down the country drive the message home.

Following the success of its G&T menu, London's Oxo Tower Restaurant has introduced its Spritz menu, with one classic and four variations, all priced at £9.95.

The twists include the Vista dal Castello (Cocchi di Torino vermouth, pink grapefruit liqueur, bitter lemon and Harvey Nichols Prosecco), Kamm’s Summer Spritz (Kamm & Sons Ginseng Spirit, elderflower liqueur, Harvey Nichols Prosecco with a cucumber and grapefruit garnish)and the always delightful Negroni Sbagliato.

News item from, 23-07-2013

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